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the skinny on high-waisted

This is the classic case of 'when bad style happenS to good people'. Obviously someone (yes Jessica, we're pointing the finger at you) didn't learn from the last high-waisted jeans fiasco...

Jessica Simpson in high-waisted jeans. She's a super-dooper gorgeous girl (in fact, I'm inclined to think she has one of the prettiest all-American looks going for her), but the simple truth here is: Her stylist is completely ignoring her body shape.

Big boobs, curves, and a tiny 5"5 (guessing here, people) frame = say no to ultra high-waisted jeans!

It just makes Jessica's beautiful hourglass figure look frumpy and all out-of-proportion. But on the plus side, at least she didn't wear the jeans with a white turtle neck again...

Jessica Simpson in high-waisted jeans.


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