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dear kate hudson,

Maria Cataldo | Monday, May 4, 2009
celebrity kate hudson cartier
Just wanted to let you know you look smashing. No, seriously. We know it can be hard to work a cut-out dress, but may we just say you have truly pulled it off with aplomb.

The hair, the necklace (dripping with diamonds, we suppose, since you were hanging out at a Cartier event), and the delicious cherry red nails are all working overtime for you. And the skin. My God, the skin. Beautiful, glowing and seriously showing off your toned tummy and arms.

Which is annoying to see as we're heading into winter, but we applaud you nonetheless.

Think we might stick you on the office fridge for inspiration when we reach for that fourth doughnut. Don't give us that look. We've had two birthdays to celebrate this week and Woolworths' cake is hard to resist.

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Kate Hudson


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